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                              ANNEALED GLASS

Either plain or textured on one side, annealed glass is typically found in household windows and furniture. Clear annealed glass is available in a range of thicknesses from 2mm – 25mm and patterned or ‘obscure’ annealed glass is available in a range of finishes for privacy and / or decorative purposes. The pattern is achieved by passing the glass through a set of rollers whilst in a semi molten state.

                       LAMINATED SAFETY GLASS

Laminated safety glass comprises 2 or more layers of glass permanently bonded with a special poly or resin interlayer. This interlayer can be invisible when looking through the glass but can also be used with colours and patterns to create different effects. The evolution of specialised interlayers in laminated glass has led to a wide range of products designed for security, sound insulation, energy efficiency and aesthetic design applications. 

                      TOUGHENED SAFETY GLASS

Toughened safely glass is ordinary annealed glass which is tempered in a furnace to create surface tension thereby increasing the glass strength by 4 to 5 times. The glass is heated then rapidly cooled at a specific rate depending on thickness. The surface tension in the glass changes its breakage characteristics into relatively harmless crumbs enabling it to be used in situations where safety is a consideration.


Mirror is made of high quality annealed glass and backed with a silver coating protected by baked enamel paint. Available in a range of tints, special finishes and safety glass. There are various types of safety mirrors and because of the materials used in each, the appearance differs greatly. Some of the options are; toughened mirrors, laminated safety mirrors, perspex mirrors, curved viewing mirrors and safety plastic backed mirrors. Each mirror type has a specific use and function and it's always best to ask a qualified glazier about what to use for your situation.